Criminal Justice System Programme

The Criminal Justice System provides one of the crucial access points of help for abused women. However, it has been well documented the world over that the system can only work as an effective tool to end violence against women when it is integrated into other strategies such as health, education, economic empowerment etc.

This programme offers legal counselling, court preparation and court accompaniment to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, to minimize secondary victimization by the courts and the police.


  • To ensure fair, prompt, gender sensitive handling of legal proceedings by all parts of the criminal justice system

  • To eradicate secondary victimisation by professionals and members of the criminal justice system

  • To familiarise women with court procedures in order to avoid unnecessary intimidation.

  • To ensure that all members of the community know their legal rights, the laws affecting them and what to do if these rights are violated.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Legal counselling, court preparation and accompaniment
  • Legal literacy education for women
  • Training of officers within the criminal justice system
  • Monitoring of court proceedings and outcome



The White Ribbon

ADAPT believes that 16 days is not enought to bring peace to our homes and society. Support should be shown for non-violence every day, for example by wearing the white ribbon and informing others of it's signifcants.

The White Ribbon is a symbol of commitment to the 16 Days of Activism on No Violence Against Women and Children from 25 November to 10 December each year.

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