As a community member you can:

Be part of a pressure group to protest against a high level of violence in the media particularly on television.

Help to raise an awareness and prevention programme by organising meetings with your school principal, SRC, youth club, church, local council, in your ward or any other community leader.

Participate in initiatives to form support groups for young women and men in our community. This will create a safe space for young people to discuss issues that affect them and to provide support for other young people.

Form and be part of a lobby group for the establishment of youth development centres and provision of crisis counselling for young people in your community.

Organise parents to be part of the campaign against violence in relationships. The use of corporal punishment in the home legitimizes violence and gives people a message that force is an indication of love.

Encourage your local school to develop educational programmes which promote healthy roles, offer information about sexual violence and teach young people to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.

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The White Ribbon

ADAPT believes that 16 days is not enought to bring peace to our homes and society. Support should be shown for non-violence every day, for example by wearing the white ribbon and informing others of it's signifcants.

The White Ribbon is a symbol of commitment to the 16 Days of Activism on No Violence Against Women and Children from 25 November to 10 December each year.

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